Nadia Orlando

Creative instinct.

Following the family profession and her natural talent, Nadia Orlando is Creazioni Elena’s designer. With a passion that started at just 8 years old when she opened the doors of her parents tailoring workshop, where she set out to learn the secrets of embroidery from the best embroiderers of Salento.

Later on, she enrolled in business school but fashion, design and of course wedding dresses remained her passion. At 17 years old, she began to design her first creations and to attend prestigious training courses and refresher courses to enable her to grow as a designer.

With a simple and reserved spirit, she is a lover of nature and animals, more inured “to doing” than with appearances. Nadia Orlando has built her world through constant work, an excellent team and continued contact with the customer.

Today, she is one of the few designers in the bridal world who can boast an experience of over 30 years in the industry with an innate ability in the creation of original embroideries.

Her models come from a continuous search for new inspirations, shapes and materials through her own travels, magazines and social networks. It was with a professionalism that is always up to date with the newest trends that in early 2016 led her to launch the most exclusive collection of the brand. A line that bears her name: Nadia Orlando.