The brand

Creazioni Elena. Atelier of Italian excellence.

Passion, craftsmanship, innovation. Established in the early 70’s from an idea by the Orlando family, Creazioni Elena is one of the most recognized Italian names in the world of wedding dresses. It’s a story of a small tailoring workshop in Lecce that grew and developed rapidly to become a company of sartorial excellence within a short time.

The success of Creazioni Elena is due to the creative talents of a number of professionals selected through the years to enable a continuous evolution of the collections presented. It is also due to the commitment of the family that has always sought to stay true to a tradition of craftsmanship: that which once upon a time gave us wedding dresses made to measure in-house from start to finish.

Starting from its first store in Salento, today, Creazioni Elena products can be found in over 300 outlets throughout Italy, where every future bride can find the perfect dress from amongst the models of the three brand lines – Jacqueline, Collezione Elena and Nadia Orlando. All models are designed, manufactured and packaged in Italy. Only the highest quality raw materials are used and we are constantly in search of the best fabrics and the perfect synergy between new generation technologies and the manual skills of the pattern makers, seamstresses and specialised embroiderers.

A truly handcrafted innovation, where every customer can feel the warmth of home and the exclusive attention given to designing together a dress created based on their individual needs. To enable all women to fully experience the best day of their lives.